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Все об Англии и Лондоне

Jack London


Jack London the famous American writer, who reflected the hopes,

conflicts, frustrations (разочарование), was born in San Francisco on

January 12 1876. His family moved to Oakland where he wrote in his

autobiographical “John Barleycorn”. He had quitted school at 14. He started

working as his family was very poor. He was a sailor. The experience of a

sealing cruise formed the basis of his future sea stories. He was a member

of Industrial army later he was arrested for vagrancy(бродяжничество) About

the age of 19 he attended Oakland High school for a short time and then

had a year at the University of California. He got a job because he has no

money to pay his tuition(обучение). In winter 1897 London joined the gold

rush to the Klondike. He didn’t find gold but wonderful stories written

after returning were based on the life in the North. He had always been an

excellent storyteller. He won the first prize, 25$. His first book “The Son

of the Wolf” gained a wide audience(завоевать аудиторию). During his short

life London wrote fifty books his most popular books are: “The God of His

Fathers”, “The Call of the Wild”, “White Fang”, “Martin Eden”, “The War of

Classes” and others. He died on November 1916. His books are read

everywhere I think Jack London on of the favourite writer among teenagers.

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